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Date: 18-02-2018 Time: 1:16:59 am
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WORLD Yemen starts deporting African immigrants

Yemen starts deporting African immigrants

Post by: Chief News Editor | Published: September 28, 2016 , 11:20 pm | Category: WORLD

The unprecedented operation was launched to prevent them from being exploited by Al Houthis or Al Qaida

Deported Africans from Security Belt Forces Facebook page.

Deported Africans from Security Belt Forces Facebook page.

Al Mukalla: Security authorities in Yemen’s port city of Aden have begun deporting hundreds of illegal African immigrants to their home countries, local security officials and residents said.
Security Belt Forces (SBF) said in a statement that they have deported the Africans, mainly Ethiopians, after capturing them from many liberated provinces in the south Yemen. The statement said that the African immigrants arrived on the Yemeni shores in “an unprecedented scale” and the SBF launched the crackdown to prevent the vulnerable Africans from joining the rebel Al Houthi movement or Al Qaida militants. The SBF posted photos of the immigrants carrying personal belongings in small plastic bags and getting ready to board vessels.
Yemen has been beset with a bloody conflict between the internationally recognised government backed by the Saudi-led coalition and the Iran-supported Al Houthis and their allied forces. Despite the conflict, hundreds of African immigrants have poured into the coastal regions in south Yemen since early last year.
Local authorities suspect that some of the arrivals are fighters disguised as immigrants dispatched from their homelands to prop up local armed factions. More incarcerated immigrants would be sent back home in the coming days.
An aide to the governor of Shabwa, south Yemen, told Gulf News in July that the governor instructed security services to round up hundreds of African immigrants and sought financial help from the government to deport them.

Residents in Al Houthi-held Sana’a said on Tuesday night the warplanes of the Saudi-led coalition carried out several air strikes against Al Houthi military academy and camps, triggering heavy explosions. Al Houthis usually do not disclose on their human losses from the air strikes.
Other massive air strikes were reported in mountainous spots in Taiz, Jawf, Marib and Shabwa. The air strikes are the driving forces behind the rapid military gains by the government forces.
In the southern city of Taiz, at least nine Al Houthi fighters were killed in clashes with the government forces in many positions including Han mountain.
Local commanders said that the rebel forces failed to make any gains on the ground despite their relentless attacks on the city. Government forces have partially broken the Al Houthis’ siege on the city and allowed trucks carrying humanitarian aid to cross into destitute neighbourhoods from the western side. But rights groups in the city say that some parts on the eastern and northern sides of the city are still experiencing humanitarian crisis due to Al Houthis’ blockade and shelling.