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WORLD Saudi royalty included in salary cut decree

Saudi royalty included in salary cut decree

Post by: Chief News Editor | Published: September 28, 2016 , 11:21 pm | Category: WORLD

Decision also includes the heads of some government agencies and deans of universities with ministerial rank

soudiManama: The decision by the Saudi cabinet to cut the salaries of ministers by 20 per cent also extends to the governors and their deputies, including princes from the royal family.
“The decision to reduce salaries includes all the princes who hold the rank of minister, including the ministers of interior, defence and national guard,” Yahya Bin Mohammad Al Shahrani, a legal consultant, was quoted by Saudi news site Sabq as saying on Wednesday.
“The 20 per cent cut also includes the heads of some government agencies and deans of universities with the ministerial rank, such as the heads of the public prosecution, investigations, human rights, the promotion of virtue and the prevention of vice, the anticorruption, and the dean of Imam Mohammad Bin Saud University.”
Al Shahrani added that the salary cut will also be applied to the heads of some judiciary councils and the judges of the highest courts.
Saudi Arabia on Monday announced the salary cuts of 20 per cent for ministers and those holding the rank of ministers and of 15 per cent for the 150 members of the Shura Council, the appointed advisory body.

Online users shared comments that they appreciated the decision to make the cuts at the top, saying that it should be extended to executive directors who receive high salaries and bonuses.
“We understand the need to cut some salaries as a result of the current challenges to the country and there is no objection whatsoever,” Khalid, a user, posted. “At the same time, we want the state to interfere, strongly if need be, to reduce the costs for purchasing family homes and the prices of food stuff. We have heard for years from the business community that they had to increase the prices because the prices of oil were high. But, when the oil prices went down, the food products kept their prices. We want an end to the greed of merchants and traders and we are keen on a strong monitoring of the prices.”