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WORLD A small decrease in Qatar fuel prices for October

A small decrease in Qatar fuel prices for October

Post by: mhniazkhan | Published: March 9, 2018 , 5:52 pm | Category: WORLD

Qatar:Fuel prices in Qatar will dip slightly in the month of October.

Prices posted by the Ministry of Energy and Industry on Wednesday afternoon said “Super” 95-Octane gasoline will cost QR1.35/liter while “Premium” 91-Octane gas will be QR1.25/liter.

Both Super and Premium have been QR 0.05 higher in the month of September.
It’s the second month in a row that gas prices have reduced by QR .05 per liter.

Diesel will continue to cost QR1.40/liter, a price that hasn’t changed since the ministry began publishing monthly prices in May of this year.
Monthly changes

In January of this year, the Qatar government reduced fuel subsidies – effectively hiking prices by 30 percent.

That came amid tumbling global oil prices and tighter government spending.

In April, the Ministry of Energy and Industry then announced it would publish monthly fuel prices based on the global market.

The stated aims are raising awareness about energy usage, as well as boosting the country’s economy and reducing environmental impact.

With the increased fuel costs, the government stands to collect an additional QR700 million this year, using June’s petrol prices and 2015 sales figures.

Cost of living in Qatar has also been driven up this year by entertainment and education sector price rises – with 55 Qatar schools having increased their fees in the new school session that began this month.

Have you kept a record of how much more you are spending on your fuel every month, after the changes were announced?